Métier Mixed Concrete (VIDEO ‑ 3min09)


To be a highly trusted brand and industry leader building a lasting concrete legacy in South Africa.


Partnering with customers to enable success on their concrete projects through innovative solutions.


Based on the Métier Way ethos and the customer’s experience of the company’s products and services:

  • Integrity: honesty, fairness, ethics, equality and respect
  • Service excellence: efficiency, speed, dependability, motivation, drive, results-orientated, professional approach and brand pride
  • People: partnerships, development, passion, engagement, commitment, loyalty, empathy, respect, transparency, humility and collaboration
  • Accountability: reward, recognition and sustainability

Métier Mixed Concrete has been in operation since March 2007 and was acquired by SepHold in February 2013. Métier’s core business is the manufacture and supply of quality ready-mixed concrete products for the residential, commercial and industrial markets in South Africa. Métier supplies a variety of standard and specialised high-value concrete products to the construction industry.

Métier has grown significantly by positioning its business in markets that offer strong and growing demand for its products. Métier’s initial geographic focus was in Durban and Pietermaritzburg, KwaZulu-Natal, where it secured a fair market share. The company has been extending its footprint into the Gauteng market where it has established five operations.

Métier continues to explore expansion opportunities in all markets to grow market share and earnings. Its short-term strategy is to ensure that the existing operations continue to operate successfully to generate earnings, reduce gearing and increase operating cash flows.

The subsidiary continues to reinforce the Métier Way ethos in its daily operational activities. This is a high-performance culture that promotes the components of Métier’s brand of service, quality and reliability. This culture is characterised by:

  • uncompromising service to all customers;
  • a safe working environment for all Métier stakeholders;
  • innovation;
  • employees that are sensitive and responsive to the needs of customers; and
  • meeting stakeholder commitments in an ethical and honest manner.


Métier is determined to retain its market position as one of the leaders in specialised concrete products. This will require adaptiveness and agility in understanding the current and emerging customer segments. The subsidiary will focus on strengthening its marketing function to complement the technical team, which is industry-renowned for innovative products.

Métier is developing a supply network model to ensure optimal financial performance. This will require its management to hone its negotiation skills to ensure the continued supply of key inputs at competitive pricing. The subsidiary will explore backward integration opportunities to secure essential raw materials. Geographical expansion opportunities will be evaluated on an ongoing basis in line with Métier’s strategic intent.


Métier’s managing director and key employees have more than 80 years’ combined experience within the ready-mixed concrete market.

Jürgens Du Toit

Jürgens Du Toit

Managing Director
NDip (Civil Engineering) (Technikon Pretoria)
Jürgens has a wealth of experience in the mining and building materials industries gained over the past 24 years. He has held senior management positions in several aggregates and ready-mix businesses in South Africa, Botswana and Lesotho. He was appointed as managing director on 1 March 2016.



Financial manager
BAcc (Rhodes University), CA(SA)
Stacey is a qualified chartered accountant with five years of commercial management experience. She has accounting, tax and financial experience from eight years with KPMG. Stacey is responsible for all administrative and financial aspects of the business. She was appointed on 1 October 2015.



National maintenance manager
BSc Hons (Environmental Management) (University of Natal), NHDip (Civil Engineering) (Technikon Natal)
Doug has extensive experience in construction and project management gained from over 26 years with Bosch & Associates Consulting Engineers, Murray & Roberts, and his own construction business. Doug joined Métier on 1 November 2015.



Regional manager, northern region
NHDip (Civil Engineering) (Technikon Witwatersrand)

Glen has extensive experience in the ready-mix concrete and aggregates industry. He held various senior positions in the technical, production and commercial sectors at a building materials entity for 16 years. He joined Métier on 1 June 2011 to contribute to the expansion and establishment of Métier’s footprint in Gauteng.



Regional Manager, eastern region
NDip (Civil Engineering) (Technikon Natal)
Gregg has extensive experience in the ready-mix concrete and aggregates industry. He held various management positions in the technical, production and commercial departments of Lafarge South Africa for 10 years. Gregg is a civil technician and concrete technologist. He joined Métier on 1 June 2007.



Human Resource Manager
BSocSci (Hons) (University of KwaZulu-Natal), Cert: Retail Management (University of South Africa), Cert: Practical Labour Law (University of Cape Town), Cert: Advanced Human Resource Management (University of Cape Town)
Ceri has extensive experience in human resources gained from eight years with the Foschini retail group. She joined Métier with a focus on training, human development, employee performance and talent management. Ceri was appointed on 1 July 2013.

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